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Defamation is a statement made to a third party that is false and damaging to a person, company, or organization’s reputation, finances, or well-being. The applicable legal test to determine whether a statement is damaging to reputation is whether or not the statement would lower the opinion of the person, company, or organization in the minds of others or cause them to be avoided or exposed to hatred, contempt or ridicule. The defamation test is an objective one and the offended party is required to prove that the ordinary reasonable person would have understood the statement as defamatory. Libel is defamation through the written word. Slander is defamation through the spoken word. Notice must be given to the offending party within a limited period of time in order to proceed with a defamation action. In defamation actions, it is vital to ensure that you have an experienced and high-quality legal team on your side that gives you the best opportunity to succeed.

Pinto Wray James LLP has a proven track record successfully assisting our clients in advancing or resolving defamation actions. The lawyers at Pinto Wray James LLP litigate both libel and slander cases. Conversely, we provide legal opinions to individuals, organizations, and businesses as a preliminary step in deciding whether to sue for defamation or how to respond to a defamation lawsuit.

Our lawyers are client-focused and goal oriented. Our skill, experience, and knowledge allows us to properly advise clients in negotiating a resolution to defamation-related disputes. We give our clients the edge they need in defamation cases.

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Pinto Wray James Reviewed by Mark C.

Their team is highly focused and incredibly professional - from our experience it would be difficult not to believe that Pinto Wray James LLP is one of Ontario's leading Firms in Labour and Employment law. The mindful client care and complete understanding of the case eased fears and the stress that comes with any legal dispute. Expect to find high-level smartly crafted legal solutions at Pinto Wray James LLP – could not recommend more.

Andrew Pinto was invited to co-chair the popular Annual Six Minute Employment Lawyer conference at the Law Society of Upper Canada.